Research. But not as we know it.

No-code, A.I fueled research. 

Get your arms (tentacles) around any topic

Intelligence, expertise, insight

Create your field of research

Our no-code ontology helps you build up a custom field of research that meets your exact needs

Retrieve articles, papers, financials, company data, more

Automatically retrieve and summarize the latest information within your field, giving you the insights you need at your finger tips

Transform information into intelligence

Using natural language A.I. you can convert information into intelligence

Be guided by AI powered trend analysis

Spot trends and movements before they are formally identified using our trend detection algorithms.  

Flexibility is our thing

The knowledge economy is for everyone.


Act on weak signals that will turn into market movers before your competitors. 

Product Professionals

Fully understand the market, competition and ecosystem around your emerging and existing products.


Our proprietary snippet and source module will short cut your research time by up to 50%. Get your content out faster and with more diversity.


Develop an impactful social media strategy using octopws. Set your sights on new markets and customers.


Find the influences and influencers to take your research to the next level. Explore connections you would never have explored to widen and deepen your research apature.


Consolidate the latest information on your story to give a fuller picture of the news. Extract trends and opinions from a wide range of sources and understand sentiment and connection between your topics.

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A.I. Powered Intelligence.
Without a single line of code.

We promise.

No-Code Ontology Builder

Create your own customized ontology to define your field of research. Using any existing insights you have and augmenting these with A.I., we create your ecosystem of themes, sub-themes and terms to rapidly expand your knowledge of any given subject.

Your ontology holds the links, associations, and relationships between the various elements of your research and becomes your pathway to knowledge, allowing you to develop an unrivalled depth and breadth of connections within your research.

No-Code Research Sourcing

Our tentacles have quite the reach...

Once we identify your research corpus, octopws.io makes it super easy to retrieve a massive set of data around your topics. We have connections to news, blogs, social media, patents, company data and more.

Our AI spends time identifying relevant information to give you a huge advantage, not to mention some time back- so relax, take a nap, we have it covered.

No-Code Natural Language A.I.

When you have millions and millions of bits of information and data, summarizing, analysing connections and building custom machine learning models requires a certain level of computer science expertise right? WRONG!

We are working hard to democratise tech so you can get the benefit of laser focussed, summarized snippets of information, to shred the amount of time you spend analysing into tiny pieces.  Develop intelligent insights in minutes with our no-code NLP.

No-Code Sentiment Analysis and Data Science

Deep insights and analysis should not be exclusive to data scientists. We have developed leading sentiment and correlation analysis to give your actions a strong empirical basis. 

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We have a a very small number of places for our BETA launch. Please leave us your details below and we will be in touch about your application.


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