More data is often just a drop in the ocean.
What's actually needed is a deeper dive.

Immerse yourself

Oh, and Octopws is Welsh, by the way...

We help your organisation answer the big, obscure questions.

We build experimental, bespoke technology models around your data, human expertise and objectives in a way that allows deep intelligence to surface. Within this unique mix of human-machine collaboration is where niche, game-changing problems are solved.

What our eclectic mix of world-class experts can help you with:

Experimental, precision AI projects

The core of what we do. We take novel approaches to problems by combining human insight and bleeding edge AI techniques. Our experimental projects take your left of field thinking from concept to product realisation, keeping data privacy and human teaching in the loop throughout.

AI-powered research programs

Human-first technology should impact society too. Through our joint research programmes, organisations can perform better, more diverse thinking with our HIxAI proprietary research ecosystem. Much like our experimental projects, we can help uncover deep insight in any field.

Advisory & strategic consultancy

We want to make AI accessible to everyone but knowing how to navigate and make the best use of this currently exploding field is a tricky task. We can help you explore this new world by involving your teams, speaking at events or acting in an advisory capacity.

What your voyage with us looks like.

Whether your objective is to find lost revenue, improve employee engagement, enhance athletic performance or anything else you can dream up, our eclectic and widely skilled team will guide you through a typical proof-of-concept timeline, with precision focus.

Initial dive

To begin, we soak up everything about your organisation, your objectives and pain points. Our team will workshop and conceptualise the possibilities live, with you.

Charting your course

Next we map out the outcome of those sessions, what we feel is a best approach and expected results. We also venture out into the 'deep blue' to see what's out there hiding left-of-field. This gives us a platform to agree upon.

Building your ecosystem

Once agreed, we move on to what's known as the ontology stage: we create a living, breathing 'reef' of intertwined technology, learning, outcomes and impact. We then pick our way across this interconnected web with you and agree a final concept.

Your concept is launched

Now we've entered the proof of concept stage. With the solid foundation of the reef as our home, we build out the technology.

Once up and running, we fully partition and obfuscate your private data inside your own secure cloud or internally within your business. The technology only learns how to recognise and use the data, never keeping a record of what it is.

Bringing back deep-dived intelligence

We assess your concept model, make adjustments and move on to final product build - the one that's going to dive deep and find real, actionable intelligence long-term for your organisation.

Your Octopws model is released

What we've built with you is released into the wild, with your organisation at the helm.

Even so, we'll always be on-hand providing support, enhancing features and rolling out updates as and when they happen.

We work globally with household names to create profound impact

Our team and technology are world-class and non-industry specific, just like our work.

Using current data to predict the future of Manufacturing
Thought Leader in the consulting space
Boosting efficiency through precision sizing of staff numbers
Internationally Renowned Consumer Goods Firm
Measuring engagement of C-Suite comms and speeches
Market leading digital brand and top 10 UK employer
Finding hidden innovation pathways for democratised design & development
Not specified
Predicting the next 50 years of innovation in aerospace
Government space agency
Keeping top sports teams playing at their best
Premier League Football Club
Measuring the rise of a decentralised movement
US Public Agency
Building strategy roadmaps from vast global data sources
Global Confectionary Manufacturer
Analysing the brain drain between sectors and boosting retention
Government Agency

Let's prove your concept. Dive in.

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