What would you do with better access to… 

Unique and specialised knowledge

A broad, yet detailed level of insight

An alternative perspective in a fast changing world

Introducing Octopws.io.

Your intelligence engine.  


The world is changing at a rapidly increasing pace

You often face difficult questions and evolving situations with incomplete information.

Yet with the pressure to make big decisions, set clear strategies and spend budgets to meet your critical priorities, all on a shorter and shorter time frame.   

Gain a competitive advantage for your organisation by acquiring detailed insights, without waiting for stagnant traditional research. 

Fortunes are lost on investments that aren't well thought out.

Goals aren't reached with strategies that don't solve the real problems at hand.

Communication campaigns fail if they go in the wrong direction or tell the wrong story. 

The current research status quo is out-dated, costly and time-consuming

A focus on only human insight, creates massive knowledge gaps 

A reliance on big data doesn't capture the thoughts and ideas of experienced experts

A narrow spectrum of discovery constrains new ideas and solutions.

There is a new and better way.

Better knowledge leading to better decisions and better outcomes.

By integrating human insights, open-source data, and artificial intelligence, Octopws.io can help you answer your most challenging questions.

We collaborate with you to unravel insights that will give you the information you need to move forward with purpose. 

Some of the world's most prestigious organisations have trusted us with their challenging questions.

Some of the questions we’ve helped answer include…

What steps would you take to develop a colonisation strategy for a different planet?

What kind of innovations can you envision over the next 50 years in aviation?

What does the future of manufacturing and robotics look like, in a sector with considerable talent drain?

How can you establish a brand-new approach to make money and expand your market share? 

How would you resolve systemic corporate conflict?

What challenging question do you have that needs answering?   

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